Uncategorized Custom login with ajax for wordpress

In WordPress customization we generally use custom login page for your theme , WordPress provide inbuilt login page  by default. in term of customization user want to some good look & feel  and for that we use we can use other plugin or you can use your own login system .

This tutorial is very interesting for those developer that want to create own login system or script.

For that i created a login system and now i am share this useful script.that will explain how to create login system in your custom theme.

First of we create a shortcode for HTML so that login system work as plugin. in functions.php you can paste this script.

This is whole custom page where i direct shortcode using php.Now you have to just create a pagefrom admin panel and select the example template and visit the page you by logout youself and then again visit this page.

Please note that i do not include jquery library . so before use this query please add latest jquery library before this script.

So your script is ready to go fly.


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