Ajax based registration in wordpress

In WordPress customization,  Custom registration with WordPress is very important part custom theme creation. in my previous post how to create login form for custom theme. So now custom registration is next part of custom theme creation.

By default WordPress provide basic registration form that is exist on core WordPress  admin login page. In custom theme  some time you need to better registration form with some extra fields as per your  theme requirement.

In this post i cover whole registration process like (1) create registration form and (2) create user by WordPress function wp_insert_user function (3) show extra fields in your theme profile page.

you create whole system in just three steps.

First we have to create registration  form in html.


Use jQuery to bind the submit button to handled the ajax for registartion.You can use this jQuery function header , footer or page where your registration form exist.


Now we bind the Registration form with  j query and we moved to functions.php where we validate the user input and validate user name and email .If user no error found then we move for further action where we insert user in to WordPress database.


Now your registration system is ready to use.

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